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My premium handwound Pickups are available as Set as well as individually.

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How does it work?

Directly from production, no intermediate trade, minimal advertising budget. The only means of transport to promote my pickups is word of mouth, satisfied guitarists and this website.
Expressed in numbers, this means:
The renunciation of a big advertising budget makes the pickups more than 50% cheaper.


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The Art of Sound

The Beginning was try and fail. Developing and manufacturing handwound Guitar Pickups isn't just a craft, It is an art, that requires passion and knowledge of the history of pickups for guitars. It takes a lot of experience and the right ingredients to make great sounding Pickups. The difference to industrial pickups is outstanding.




In the blind test, my hand wound, in Switzerland developed CETERA Pickups regularly win against any other provider; Lindy Fralin, VanZandt, Lollar & Co. The unrivaled price ratio is possible because I pick them directly from production, offering without intermediaries. Each set is matched and the hardware we use: wire for the coils, magnets (Alnico V, Alnico II & lll) and coils correspond to the products of the 1950s. I buy this from the original providers in the USA. The pickups are treated with the finest paraffin wax in vacuum, *wrapped the middle pickups for Strats against pole. Tele sets can be played thanks to the careful processing and vacuum-waxing with a lot of gain without the infamous squeak.



*What are reversed wound/reversed Polarity Pickups (RWRP)?

Also abbreviated as “RWRP,” this refers to a single-coil pickup with its magnetic pole reversed and wire wound in the opposite direction compared to the other single-coil pickups in the middle position. When the reverse-wound/reverse-polarity pickup is selected in combination, Switch Position 2: Bridge and middle Pickup or Position 4 : Middle and Neck Pickup, a hum-canceling effect is created, reducing or eliminating noise and hum in the output of the guitar.

100% Money back guarantee within 10 days, if you are not satisfied.

 Conditions: The pickups are functional, the cables are not shortened and come back in the undamaged original packaging, including all accessories. The return costs are at the expense of the buyer.

In the case of warranty, the return will be paid by the seller and you will receive a new set.

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- Warranty 2 years on new items


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Handwound & matched    Guitar- Pickups for Strat's,  Tele's, Les Paul and more